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We are seeking stories from Black citizens about traumatic experiences with the Rockford Police Department. You will have the opportunity to hold a listening session with Police leadership, the Mayor, Aldermen, and the Fire and Police Commission and have your story heard.

These listening sessions were created as a platform for residents who have categorically been disbelieved and denied the opportunity to be heard. While the sessions themselves are not intended to be a finite solution to the issue of problematic policing in the Black community, the information gathered will be used to help inform the development of policies to improve police and community relations. 

You have a voice. It is time for you to be heard, and for them to #listen.


The City of Rockford and Rockford Police Department have committed to listening to the personal stories of negative interactions with local police. The intent of this process is to elevate voices of Black community members who have experienced trauma via the hands of the Rockford Police and create a platform for change. 

Who is Listening

The following individuals will be a part of the listening sessions:

  • Mayor Tom McNamara
  • Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea
  • Fire & Police Commission
  • District 1, 2, and 3 Police Leadership
  • Aldermen

Listening Session Format

You will be given up to 10 minutes to tell your story.

You have the option to prepare a written story which can be read aloud for you.

These sessions are for listening only. City leadership represented will only respond with a simple statement of “thank you for sharing.”

Following the listening sessions, we would be happy to offer you counseling resources or direct you to where to file or follow up with a complaint.

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About Us

We are a group of people that organically came together to seek change and accountability. We are not currently a formalized organization, coalition, or any one individual looking to advance their personal platform.  We stand as young, Black, concerned citizens taking collective action to establish transformative dialogue. We are here to work towards real objectives and real outcomes. Our Black brothers and sisters from all walks of life have been ignored, discounted, mistreated, and discarded. We will utilize our passion, backgrounds, collective energy, and unique positions to uplift the voices in this community that do not always have the opportunity to be heard.

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